Come to Heungkuk! Highway Corporation wins PO 2nd round against Hyundai E&C ‘Advancing to the Champions League’

 Korea Expressway Corporation beat Hyundai E&C to advance to the championship match.

Expressway Corporation won with a set score of 3-0 (25-23 25-22 25-0) in the second round of the women’s playoff (PO) of the ‘2022-23 season Dodram V-League’ against Hyundai E&C held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th. did.

Highway Corporation, which recorded two consecutive wins following the last game, advances to the championship match and competes with Heungkuk Life Insurance for the championship.

Highway Corporation won the first set and succeeded in overpowering the baseline. The atmosphere at the beginning of the set was taken by the road construction. Hyundai E&C was behind by 10-3, allowing extended attacks as if they were not feeling well. However, Hyundai E&C, who had refined their battle line, started a fierce pursuit from the middle and tied the score 21-21 in the last minute. After that, a defensive battle ensued. Bae Yoo-na blocked Jung Ji-yoon’s last open attack with blocking, ending the first set with a 25-23 victory for Korea Expressway Corporation. 메이저사이트

The road construction showed the potential to overcome the 7-point gap and win the 2nd set. Hyundai E&C took the atmosphere in the beginning. Taking advantage of Park Jung-ah’s offensive efficiency, Hyundai E&C took a 0-5 lead. The atmosphere continued and led the game to 7-14, but from the middle, the road construction counterattack began. Bae Yoo-na’s open attack revived and succeeded in reversing to 20-19. After taking a deep breath on the bench, Catvale’s attack spewed fire and ended the second set.

Highway Corporation, which continued the atmosphere, won the 3rd set and won. Road construction, which had been ahead from the beginning of the set, did not allow a single lead. Hyundai E&C fought hard with Yang Hyo-jin scoring 5 points and an attack success rate of 66.6%, but it was not enough to block the attacks of Park Jung-ah and Catbell.

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