With Dream Tree.’

Choi Gyeong-ju (52), the star of Korean golf, is sweating with a dreamer again this year.

The Choi Gyeong-ju Foundation (Chairman Choi Kyung-ju) announced that it would conduct the ‘2023 Choi Kyung-ju Golf Dream Winter Training’ at Waychest Golf Club and Texas Golf Center in Texas, USA for about six weeks from the 4th to the 16th of next month.

Since 2020, the Kyung-Joo Choi Foundation has designated Kyung-Joo Choi’s home in Dallas, Texas, as an off-campus training camp and has been proceeding with it so that aspiring golfers can train safely.

Choi Kyung-ju, who has participated in the camp every year, is contributing to the development of national team members and standing soldiers by teaching character education as well as golf skills to young players.

In this year’s camp, Choi Kyung-joo’s main skill, bunker shot know-how, will be handed down in focus, and for this purpose, it is expected that the sand used at Augusta National Golf Club, where the major masters will be held, will be used for bunkers at the training ground to enhance the effect.

Kyungju Choi said, “The Kyungju Choi Foundation’s winter training program is developing more systematically and efficiently every year. During the 6-week schedule, it will be a time for young children to grow one step further,” he said. “We will do our best to guide the young people of the foundation so that they can grow into the right talents in the future, and we sincerely thank the various sponsoring companies that enriched this training. ”he said.메이저사이트

In this winter training, SK Telecom, Mediheal, Superior, Four Seasons, Srixon, LG Household & Health Care, HD Happiness Research Institute, Vainer, Cleveland Golf, Ring Tea, and Pacific Rings Korea will be with you with supplies and various support.

Along with this, the Choi Kyung-Joo Foundation provides professional and systematic education for future talent development, one-point lessons, regular rounds, opportunities to participate in domestic and American Junior Golf Championships (AJGA), support for training expenses, and winter training for Choi Kyung-Joo, aspiring golfers. We support various training programs.