Choi Jung’s successor? “As experience accumulates…” 4th year Geopo, who returned after completing social service, pay attention to the second half

“I hope we do well in the All-Star game.”

It was Lee Dae-soo, general coach of the 2nd team, cheering for Ryu Hyo-seung (26), the hopeful outfielder of the SSG Landers. However, Ryu Hyo-seung finished his first professional Futures All-Star stage with no hits in two at-bats.

The 2023 KBO Futures All-Star Game was held on the 14th at Sajik Stadium in Busan. Ryu Hyo-seung, who started as a left fielder and sixth batter in the Northern League, struck out on a swing in the first at-bat in the second inning and struck out on a swing in the second at-bat in the fourth inning after being turned 2-3 by Nambu.

General coach Lee, whom we met prior to the All-Star game, highly praised Ryu Hyo-seung, saying, “Ryu Hyo-seung’s ability is good enough to occupy a central batting order in the first team if he gains experience.” At the same time, he cheered, saying, “I hope you do well in the All-Star game today.”온라인카지노

Although this day did not go according to the general coach Lee’s wishes, expectations are high on what kind of player Ryu Hyo-seung will become within the team in the future.

After the Futures All-Star Game, Ryu Hyo-seung said, “It was my first time participating in the Futures All-Star, and I had a valuable experience. He gave me an opportunity to think and look back on myself,” he said.

Regarding Ryu Hyo-seung, general coach Lee said, “After graduating from university, he is a well-equipped player with long hitting power and a good at-bat mechanism. He said, “I only need to accumulate experience,” and expected, “If I only accumulate experience, such as fighting at bats, I will be able to show better results than now.”

Ryu Hyo-seung, who jumped into the professional stage in 2020 after graduating from Sungkyunkwan University, is expected to become the team’s central hitter in the future. He is praised as a player who is sincere and has a good training attitude.

In 31 games in the Futures League this year, he has a batting average of 3.2, 6 homers, 21 RBI, .550 slugging percentage and .367 on-base percentage in 31 games. There is no record of his first team since his debut season in 2020 (8 matches for the first team). He completed his social service service last April.

After his comeback, he is showing his talent. Ryu Hyo-seung said, “After returning, I put a lot of effort into making sure there was no gap. He tried hard in terms of physical strength, but he kept preparing so as not to lose his sense of hitting.”

Hyo-seung Ryu continued, “I did not pay attention to the results of the first half and focused on each game, but there were good results. I think my strong point is long hitting, and I want to try to be more sophisticated in the second half.”

He is 190cm tall and has a sturdy physique. He has natural power and is evaluated as having good baseball sense. He said, “I want to focus on one game at a time in the second half and get good results.”

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