Cheonan City FC, equipped with ‘professionalism’, dreams of rebellion

Following the pro soccer team Daejeon Hana Citizen, today we will bring you another local professional soccer team, Cheonan City FC.

Cheonan City FC, which is challenging the professional stage for the first time this season, returned to Korea today (27th) after quenching for the new season in Thailand.

Reporter Park Yeon-sun covered the story locally.


[“Quickly, go go! Good!”]

Players’ sweat drips nonstop on the green grass field, where you can feel the heat just by looking at it.

The loud running and passing practice without any time to catch your breath are homework that must be overcome in order to debut on the professional stage.

[Soundbite] Kim Chang-su(Cheonan City FC Playing Coach) : “I came up to the K-League 2 this year, but as a professional player rather than an unemployed team, I thought I lacked a lot of awareness. I’m a professional, so I’ll instill some professionalism…”] 메이저놀이터

Average age 24 years old, The players of Cheonan City FC, a new professional team with as many as 7 players taking their first steps in the professional career, are rather motivated as they do not have a clear main player.

Opportunities are also open to prospects who went straight out of high school.

[Soundbite] Han Jae-hoon(Cheonan City FC Striker) : “Although he is a striker, he thinks his defense is very good in front, and his strength is his movement and crosses without the ball. Although he is the youngest, he is confident and energetic…”

The first head coach, Park Nam-yeol, who won numerous championships while playing for Cheonan in the past, also picked ‘professionalism’ as the team’s most lacking part, and made mental growth as the biggest task along with training in basic skills such as passing and ball control. [Soundbite] Park Nam-yeol/ Cheonan

City FC Manager: “Because I’m a professional player, I’m emphasizing a lot of professionalism. Since I switched from an amateur to a pro, I have to change my mindset.”

will make their K-League 2 debut match against Busan I-Park.

After warming up with their first overseas training as a professional team, Cheonan City FC will move to Jeju next month to prepare for their professional stage debut.

This is Park Yeon-sun of KBS News from Chonburi, Thailand.

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