Is Chelsea’s World Cup-winning midfielder frustrated?

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 5th that “Benfica was dissatisfied with Chelsea’s attitude toward the signing of Enzo Fernandes.”

“There are teams that want Fernandez. We also know that signing is only possible if the buyout conditions are met,” added Benfica manager Roger Schmidt.

“I drove Benfica and Fernandez crazy,” Schmidt said. They are only pretending to meet the buyout and trying to negotiate,” he said, pinching Chelsea’s attitude.

Fernández, 21, was the youngest player in the Argentina national team to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar for Benfica.

Fernández, along with Rodrigo De Paul and Alexis McAllister, secured Argentina’s midfield. The win earned him the Qatar World Cup Young Player Award.

Regarding Fernandez, it is analyzed that Chelsea, which is promoting midfield rebuilding, moved actively and the recruitment was close. 메이저놀이터

Rumors of a move gained momentum after Fernandes reportedly spoke with Benfica manager Roger Schmidt during training and expressed his desire to move to Chelsea.

Benfica are in a position that they cannot easily release Fernandes and must meet the buyout.

Chelsea are known to be active in signing Fernandes and to meet the buyout of Fernandes set by Benfica.

However, Chelsea’s move to pay a lower transfer fee than Fernandes’ buyout angered Benfica.