Cech, who transformed into ‘the gatekeeper of the ice’, joint training with the NHL team… “My childhood dream came true”

On the 10th (local time), soccer star Petr Cech (41, Czech Republic) appeared at the Chicago Blackhawks training ground of the NHL (North American Ice Hockey League), the world’s best ice hockey league. During his active career, Cech, who was mainly active in the EPL (England Premier League) such as Chelsea and Arsenal, took part in 567 club matches and 124 A matches, establishing himself as a world-class goalkeeper. stood

Cech has been living a ‘second life’ as an ice hockey player since his soccer retirement in 2019. In September 2019, he signed a player contract with Guilford Phoenix of Division 2 of the National Ice Hockey League (NIHL), the 4th division of British ice hockey. After playing in 20 games for three years (the 2020-2021 season was canceled due to corona), he joined the NIHL Division 1 (third division) team Chelmsford Chieftains ahead of the 2022-2023 season. He has appeared in 2 games this season. 온라인바카라

Being an ice hockey player has been Cech’s dream since childhood. He said that as a child he wanted to become an ice hockey player, but gave up because his equipment was too expensive. He continued on the ice as he did on grass, from his ice hockey debut at the age of 37 to being named MVP of the game.

After retiring, Cech, who achieved his childhood dream, achieved another dream. The opportunity to train with some of the best NHL players in the world. He blocked several times the puck (a ball used in ice hockey) of strikers who are active on the top stage at the Blackhawks training ground.

The fact that Cech was able to participate in NHL team training was thanks to his relationship with the Blackhawks’ ‘real’ goalie Petr Mrazek (30, Czech Republic). The two are said to have built up a friendship about 10 years ago when they belonged to the same sports agency. During the summer, the off-season of the NHL, Cech invited Mrazek to London, England, where he lives, to spend time together, maintaining a close relationship. Mrazek said he had wanted to set up a place for Cech to train with NHL players since 2019, when he became an ice hockey player, but the coronavirus crisis has put it off until now.

Cech’s reflexes were recognized even on the ice. “Cech is a true ice hockey goal,” said Mrazek. It’s hard to say that he was a former soccer player who never played ice hockey.” “Cech was very soft on the ice,” said Blackhawks striker Andreas Asanaciu. He doesn’t have a long ice hockey career, but he seemed comfortable on the ice.”

Cech was also delighted. He said, “It is a valuable experience to face the world’s top players. It is what he dreamed of as a child. It was so much fun.”Cech said he wanted to play ice hockey for as long as his body allowed. “I’m a bit older now, and it’s hard to play in a row,” he said. “But if I feel healthy and my body is happy, I’ll keep playing ice hockey.”

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