Breakup intuition? Kane, home final ‘awkward’ parade

 Can Tottenham Hotspur protect Harry Kane?

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 21st (Korean time) that ‘Tottenham awkwardly conducted Kane’s parade, which attracted Manchester United’s attention, in their last home game.’

Tottenham lost 1-3 in a match against Brentford in Round 37 of the Premier League in the 2022-2023 season held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 20th.

It was the last home game of the season. The last game of the season is away to Leeds United.

Tottenham fell to 8th place with 57 points from 37 matches. Even the Europa League, let alone the Champions League, has become difficult now.

Fans are not alone in their disappointment.

Tottenham even had a lead battle with Arsenal at one point in the early season. However, in the sluggishness of last year’s top scorer, Son Heung-min, Tottenham’s sluggish performance. After being pushed out of the fight for fourth place, Tottenham sacked manager Antonio Conte.메이저놀이터

As the unrelated position was confirmed for 15 consecutive years, Kane’s future has also become a hot potato.

Kane has one year left on his contract with Tottenham. Manchester United sent a strong love call to Kane.

Mirror said: ‘Tottenham’s future at Tottenham after this season is uncertain. Despite the team’s sluggish performance this season, Kane swept the Official Supporters’ Club’s Player of the Year Award and the Club’s Selected Player of the Year Award. Tottenham’s home stadium was half empty when Kane received the award,’ he explained.

Two years ago, Manchester City were looking for Kane. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy hit an iron wall.

Mirror said: ‘Man City tried to sign Kane, but Tottenham stubbornly rejected it. Man City failed. Now, United are moving to bolster their firepower.”

Levi is determined to defend Kane as much as possible this time as well.

Levy: “Kane can lift trophies at Tottenham, but it’s also important to be a legend. The fact that he’s Tottenham’s top scorer means he’s making history. I hope one day there will be a statue of Kane outside our stadium.” hoped that

Meanwhile, Kane’s ransom is expected to reach at least £100m. Manchester United are looking at Napoli’s Victor Osimen as a strong candidate if Kane is difficult.

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