‘Because of Viktor An?’ Choi Min-jung, “The reason for courage,” explained the statement

Choi Min-jeong (Seongnam City Hall), the national short track team, started to explain the statement made immediately after Victor Ahn (Ahn Hyun-soo) was eliminated from the Seongnam City Hall coaching position.

On the 31st, Choi Min-jung corrected the post on her SNS on the ‘Athlete’s Position on Coach Recruitment’, saying, “I uploaded the statement submitted to Seongnam City on January 9th, just before the announcement of the appointment of the coach at Seongnam City Hall, on SNS. I am sorry to the fans who give me,” he said.

He said, “In fact, I have been training for a long time in the absence of a coach dedicated to short track at Seongnam City Hall. As stated in the statement, the virtues of a leader in sports, which I and Seongnam City Hall short track athletes think, are those who have excellent experience as a leader, excellent competence, and can communicate well with the athletes, and I hope that such a leader will be with them. I am eagerly hoping for it.”

“It seems too cautious and arrogant to make a statement about what kind of leader a player wants, but the reason why I was courageous nonetheless is because of the recent articles and stories surrounding the appointment of a coach at Seongnam City Hall, the leader’s most important reason for existence, virtue He pointed out that it is because the players are in the background and social issues are the main reason, and the players feel sorry for them.” 메이저놀이터

He said, “What the players want is to be in a situation where they can do their best in training and competition, nothing more, nothing less.” I am sorry to the Seongnam City Hall officials and short track fans for posting the entrance statement on social media at a time when I should have focused on the match.”

Earlier on the day, Choi Min-jung said, “I think the coach selection process this time should be fair and transparent above all else, rather than being selected by outside influence.” I think you should come,” he posted on social media. The entrance statement also included the names and signatures of five players, including Kim Da-gyeom and Seo Beom-seok, and other players also shared the same entrance statement as Choi Min-jung on social media.

Coincidentally, the entrance statement caused controversy in some quarters right after the news that Victor Ahn and former national team coach Kim Seon-tae applied for the ice team coaching position at Seongnam City Hall, but were not selected as finalists. Controversy over the previous actions of Viktor Ahn and former coach Kim, as well as concerns and criticism that the players were trying to exert their influence, saying, ‘The selection of coaches must be fair and transparent’ came out.

Seongnam City recently posted a job announcement for a new coach to lead the ice team at City Hall, and Viktor Ahn, a naturalized Russian citizen, applied and drew attention.

While Victor Ahn and former coach Kim, who were engulfed in controversy over their return to Korea, are said to have been eliminated from the final nominations, Seongnam City plans to announce the successful candidates on the same day.

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