Ballistic Golf, introduced a professional fitting program ‘Balistic Fit’

Ballistic Golf announced on the 14th that it will introduce a professional fitting program called ‘Balistic Fit’.

Ballistic Fit is a club fitting solution that can optimize the club head and shaft through an ergonomic fitting mechanism. It is carried out in partnership with ‘Just Fit’, a domestic professional fitting center.

Ballistic Fit checkshead speed, dynamic loft, attack angle, face angle, and club path based on customer target group interview메이저놀이터 (FGI), swing data analysis, and individual swing motion analysis. Afterwards, the goal is to find the optimal shape by analyzing the figures, providing immediate feedback, and adjusting the weight, length, and angle of the three parts of the head, shaft, and grip. In addition, it corrects the swing posture through club diagnosis data, and recommends shaft strength and ballistic MB and CB heads that suit each individual’s style.

An official from Ballistic Golf said, “As the new golf population has increased in recent years, more and more golfers are looking for fitting clubs.”

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