Away game in Game 7… Joel Embiid’s determination to win

Embiid is preparing for Game 7.

The Philadelphia 76ers are set to face off against the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the 2nd round of the 2023 NBA playoffs to be held at TD Garden in Boston on the 15th (Korean time).

3rd seed Philadelphia and 2nd seed Boston exchanged fierce matches and achieved a series record of 3-3 until Game 6. Now, there is only one game left in Game 7. The results of Game 7 will determine which team advances to the Eastern Conference Finals and faces the Miami Heat.

The series is tied, but the 7th game is a situation where Boston’s advantage is predicted. Because it’s Boston’s home. But Philadelphia ace Joel Embiid believes the team can do it.

“We know what we have to do,” Embiid said in an interview with Sixers Wire. Everyone has to step up this year,” he said, reaffirming his determination.

In the 2nd round of the last 2021 playoffs, Philadelphia had a 2nd round series with the Atlanta Hawks. At the time, Philadelphia could not stand the fierce attack of opponent ace Trae Young and knelt in Game 7 at home. 

It’s time for Philadelphia to build on Atlanta’s past achievements. To this end, the role of these players along with Embiid is also important. James Harden and Tobias Harris.

Harden led the team to victory by bombarding 45 and 42 points in Game 1 and Game 4, respectively. However, he scored 17 points or less in all of the remaining games. Harden needs to overcome the ups and downs and ease the burden on Embiid.

Harden revealed his will to win, saying, “We will do whatever we have to do to get in the right mindset.”

Harris is averaging just 11.3 points and 6.7 rebounds in the series. In the 7th game, you have to show a clear presence.카지노사이트

“We went to TD Garden and took the opportunity to close out the series,” said Harris. We have to show off and win.”

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