“Are you flying too far?” Promotion of limiting golf ball distance… Players ‘backlash’

The world golf world is excited about the policy of a related organization that limits the performance of golf balls so that they do not fly too far.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) and the British Royal Golf Association (R&A) announced on the 14th (local time) that they will limit the performance of golf balls used by players in professional competitions from 2026. Both organizations have governed the de facto rules of golf around the world.

The standards are contained in the ‘Model Local Rules’ (MLR) that apply to golf games. Specifically, it limits the repelling force of the golf ball so that it does not fly more than 317 yards (about 290 m) when the ball is hit at a swing speed of 127 miles per hour (about 204.4 km).

If the new MLR is adopted, it is planned to take effect three years later, in January 2026. If this happens, the golf balls currently used by professional players in competitions will become unusable. In addition, from 2026, the number of players who hit so-called’super long hits’ in professional golf tournaments is expected to decrease. For very long distance players, it is expected to be shortened by about 14 to 15 yards (12.8 to 13.7 m).

The paradox of technological progress is that the two groups made decisions that seemed to be ‘regressive’.

As the demand for long hits, research and development, and related technology advances, the distance of golf has gradually increased. In 2003, 20 years ago, there were only 9 players who exceeded the average distance of 300 yards on the PGA Tour, but 83 players this season.

This gave the galleries an exciting taste, but produced unexpected side effects. First of all, the golf course was lengthened and widened to accommodate long hits. Naturally, maintenance costs increased. In addition, a lot of chemicals that need to be sprayed to manage the golf course have been used. Environmental impacts have increased more than ever before. 토토사이트

The industry and players are protesting. The increase in flight distance is not only due to improved golf balls, but also to the effect of players’ efforts. Considering box office success, game-related organizations such as the PGA may also object.

According to foreign media on the 16th (local time), some of the PGA professional golfers strongly criticized the two groups, such as “stupid decision” and “how the golf ball distance limit develops golf.” Some said, “(If long hitting is a problem), why not make the course more difficult?”

The USGA and R&A have sent official letters to golf equipment manufacturers, announcing distance restrictions. Then, for about five months until August 14, opinions are collected from companies and people involved.

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