‘Are we having fun?’ Master Kim Min-jae, “Stupid talk… Tottenham also won”

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti was not satisfied with the quarter-final draw.

The European Football Federation (UEFA) completed the draw for the 2022-23 season UEFA Champions League (UCL) quarterfinals and semifinals at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland at 8:00 pm (Korean time) on the 17th.

My eyes went to the Daejin of Napoli, where Kim Min-jae belongs. And the Italian ‘fighting in the house’ unfolded. The match between Napoli and AC Milan drew a lot of attention. Other matches include Real Madrid vs. Chelsea, Inter Milan vs. Benfica, and Manchester City vs. Bayern Munich. 토토사이트

If Napoli beat AC Milan and reach the semifinals, they will face Inter Milan vs. Benfica winners. When advancing to the final, one team from Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man City, or Munich will compete for the championship cup.

The reaction of the local media and fans was evaluated as ‘the best confrontation’. No team can be underestimated in the UCL, but avoiding relatively strong teams such as Real Madrid, Munich and Man City is definitely a good thing. It was predicted that it would be easy to reach the final just by looking at the match.

But Napoli manager Spalletti shook his head. According to the Italian ‘Arena Napoli’: “I preferred not to meet the Italian teams. Only stupid footballers say a good match. The UCL is AC Milan’s home. They have won this competition 7 times. Real (14) Next We have won the most titles. We have to look at AC Milan as candidates for the championship, and we defeated Tottenham Hotspur (R16), not any other team. We need to be objective.”

He added, “I don’t know which part is easy. Then, wouldn’t Benfica, Inter Milan, and AC Milan think so?

Napoli will have to play 3 consecutive matches of hell with AC Milan on April 3rd (Serie A home), April 13th (UCL quarterfinals 1st leg away), April 19th (UCL quarterfinals 2nd leg home) do. Regarding this, coach Spalletti replied, “We already know each other well. They are a very healthy team. With the manager’s capacity, we have risen to a new team. The team that does better in those three matches will be the winner.”

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