‘Another good news for Korean fans’ Agent Lee Kang-in visited Manchester City and met ‘The possibility of a starter’

 The airflow surrounding him is unusual. Lee Kang-in (22, Real Mallorca)’s agent visited Manchester City in person and attention is focused on the background.

Of course, it could be a simple visit. But the timing is unusual. This is because a European transfer market expert with high public confidence recently predicted that Lee Kang-in would leave Real Mallorca next season. Will Lee Kang-in be able to move to Manchester City and work with manager Pep Guardiola, a world-renowned manager? In addition, if the transfer actually happens, will he be able to jump to the starting position?

On the 13th (Korean time), Lee Kang-in’s agent, Javier Garrido, reported on his personal SNS (social network service) that he had personally visited English Premier League clubs Manchester City and Aston Villa. Garrido posted a panoramic view of Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City, and Villa Park, home of Aston Villa.

An agent is responsible for negotiating professionally with clubs to finalize a player’s transfer. Since such an agent has found Manchester City, a big club in the EPL, it is enough for Korean fans to be thrilled. There are also speculations that Garrido has entered into transfer negotiations. He seems to have a calculation to gain an advantage in negotiating with other clubs while intentionally exposing his line of movement. On the 12th, Mateo Moreto of Lelevo, a Spanish media outlet, reported, “Lee Kang-in and Abde Ezalzuli (22, Osasuna)’s agent, Garrido, are in England. The possibility of transfer negotiations cannot be ruled out.”

Previously, it was on the 3rd that Lee Kang-in’s advance into the EPL began in earnest. Fabrizio Romano, an expert known for his high public confidence in the European transfer market at the time, said on social media that “Lee Kang-in will leave Mallorca in the transfer market this summer and head for the EPL.”

Fabrizio Romano explained, “Lee Kang-in is expected to leave Mallorca this summer. EPL clubs are keeping an eye on him. There is a possibility that the transfer will be completed next month.”

The Primera Liga, to which Lee Kang-in belongs, ends the 2022-23 season with the final match of the season on June 5. After the season ends, the transfer market opens, and Lee Kang-in’s future is expected to become even hotter.

Romano analyzed, “Lee Kang-in will be given a good opportunity to try a new challenge in England. Through this, the Mallorca club will be able to generate decent profits.”

In fact, rumors of Lee Kang-in’s transfer continued to be discussed locally. In the winter transfer market last January, it was reported that Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Brighton and Hove Albion (above England), and Atletico Madrid (Spain) were aiming for Lee Kang-in. However, as Real Mallorca did not let go of Lee Kang-in in the end, the transfer that Korean fans hoped for did not materialize either.

Lee Kang-in has a contract with Mallorca until June 2025. Therefore, it can be seen that right after the end of this season is the best time for the club to collect the transfer fee. According to Spanish media Marca, Lee Kang-in’s buyout (minimum amount allowed for transfer) is said to be 17 million euros (approximately 25 billion won). From the point of view of the big club, which is drooling over Lee Kang-in, it can be seen that it is not such a burdensome amount. Both Newcastle and Manchester City, which are often mentioned, have mobilized enormous financial power and have recently established themselves as perfect league powerhouses. 먹튀검증

Lee Kang-in, a former Valencia youth player, has had an inseparable relationship with Spain. Coincidentally, Pep Guardiola and Unai Emery, the manager of Manchester City and Aston Villa, visited by Lee Kang-in’s agent this time, are all from Spain. Guardiola managed Barcelona from the summer of 2008 to the summer of 2012. In addition, coach Emery held the Villarreal baton from the summer of 2020 to October 2022 and watched Lee Kang-in from close range. If Lee Kang-in is with one of the two command towers, it is expected that there will be no major difficulties in adapting to the team with fluent Spanish.

Currently, Manchester City’s midfielders are holding on to Bernardo Silva, Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan. Also, Jack Grealish and Riyad Mahrez are on both flanks. First of all, if you look at the name value alone, they are very prominent players, so it seems that there are not many gaps for Lee Kang-in to squeeze in. However, Bernardo Silva and Gundogan may leave the team this summer as transfer rumors continue to rise. In this case, Lee Kang-in can be scored as a substitute. In addition, if manager Pep Guardiola considers Lee Kang-in to be a ‘real force’, there is a good chance that he will start as a rotation member and then use it moderately in the future. Moreover, Lee Kang-in continues to grow as time goes by.

This season, Lee Kang-in has already grown into Mallorca’s irreplaceable resource. Fantastic dribbling skills and passes that are shown in every game are captivating the hearts of not only Korean fans but also Spanish fans. However, judging from Romano’s remarks and the agent’s visit this time, the time for separation is gradually approaching. Many Korean fans also want Lee Kang-in on the EPL stage. Following Romano’s comments, the agent’s visit to Manchester City… . This is good news for Korean soccer fans. And it is expected that many stories will continue to pour out about Lee Kang-in’s future.

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