“All that remains is to choose a team.” Lee Kang-in requested withdrawal from Mallorca last winter

The future of Korean football Lee Kang-in (22) and Mallorca’s breakup is certain. Now all you have to do is pick a team to go to. 

Spain’s ‘Estadio Deportivo’ quoted Cope Mallorca reporter Juan Carlos Taura on the 19th (Korean time), saying, “Lee Kang-in seems to have requested his own withdrawal from the transfer market last winter, and the 18 million euros (approximately 262 million euros) specified in the buyout clause. We agreed to break up for 100 million won).” 

In particular, he suggested that Lee Kang-in’s transfer was solidified by claiming, “There is only time left to wait for the transfer to occur, and Lee Kang-in’s future looks farther than ever from Mallorca.” 

Lee Kang-in wore the Mallorca uniform as a free agent (FA) in Valencia in the summer of 2021. Lee Kang-in signed a four-year contract with Mallorca, but transfer rumors continued as several clubs began to show interest last winter.

Lee Kang-in was expected to leave Mallorca in the winter transfer market held in January. However, it is known that Mallorca rejected the transfer offer for Lee Kang-in. In response, Lee Kang-in expressed dissatisfaction by quitting Mallorca’s social media account.  먹튀검증

It seems that Mallorca coach Javier Aguirre didn’t want to miss Lee Kang-in, who is the core of the team, to the point of lying that “Lee Kang-in’s buyout is 30 million euros.”

However, it seems that Mallorca will no longer be able to block Lee Kang-in’s transfer. This is because interest in Lee Kang-in is expected to increase even more when this season is over. 

The media emphasized, “Lee Kang-in is one of the players with the most suitors this season. The level is very high and many teams at a young age do not seem to be a big problem for the clubs in terms of finance.” 

“There are clubs that want Lee Kang-in, including West Ham, Aston Valla, and Atletico Madrid,” he said. He added, “Lee Kang-in can provide a historic amount of money for Mallorca to reinvest in the team.” 

Cadena SER also claimed, “West Ham wants to include Lee Kang-in in the squad next season,” and “will spare no expense to acquire a 22-year-old Korean who scored 3 goals and 5 assists in 28 La Liga games this season.”

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