‘Accounting Scandal’ Juventus Next Naples? When the victory points are reduced, ‘the first championship in 33 years is a bubble’

 Naples is shaking. In the worst case, the championship may be lost.

Italian prosecutors are currently looking into the books of football clubs. It was because of Juventus’ accounting fraud allegations. Juventus are accused of deliberately overpricing transfer fees to balance their accounts. In response, Italian prosecutors launched an investigation and proved the violation of the law. Juventus jumped up and said they would appeal, but in Italy it is accepted as a fait accompli.

The Italian Football Association, which suffered measles due to the ‘match-fixing scandal’ in the past, imposed a 15-point reduction on Juventus and a suspension of activity from as little as 8 months to as long as 2 years and 6 months to former and current leaders of the club. This is an association-level decision that came out less than a day after Prosecutor Giuseppe Kinet requested disciplinary action, and both the reduction in points and the period of suspension were stronger than he suggested. Previously, Prosecutor Kine requested a 9-point deduction and a suspension of activities such as 1 year and 4 months for former president Andrea Agnelli and 1 year, 8 months and 10 days for former general manager Paratici. 온라인바카라

If this decision is cited, it will not be easy for Juventus to advance to the European Champions League next season, let alone win.

However, Juventus is not expected to be the end. Italian media are predicting that the next target will be Naples. La Repubblica said, “Juventus have been punished, but they will not be the only Italian club to have touched the books,” and “Italian prosecutors will request documents related to the signing of Victor Osimen from Napoli.” Osimen wore a Napoli shirt in the summer of 2020 for 60 million euros, the club’s highest at the time. However, this is just speculation and no one knows the exact amount. However, considering that there were many evaluations that the amount was too large for the size of Naples at the time, the suspicion is growing.

Napoli recorded 50 points in the first half, and is close to winning the championship for the first time in 33 years. However, if you get a victory point cut, your bloated dreams can be extinguished at once. So, the attention is focused on this scandal.

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