A rookie who used to play soccer became a ‘young emperor’… Mbappe is more evolved than 4 years ago

If he was a rookie who played soccer, now he has become the best striker in the world in name and reality. The speed of fear is still the same, but the soccer skills have evolved further. Kylian Mbafe (24), who contributed to France’s victory as a surprise star at the 2018 World Cup in Russia and challenged to win again, has now become a player everyone is wary of. 

‘Young Emperor’ Mbappe is ready for the coronation once again. The 2022 Qatar World Cup Final against Argentina on the 19th (Korean time) is a game where Mbappe will finally stop Lionel Messi (35) from winning the World Cup and is interested in whether he will ascend to the throne. If there is only one stumbling block to Messi’s victory, it can be said that it is Mbappe. No matter who wins, both of them increase the value of winning because they have each other.

Four years ago and now, Mbappe played a key role in the team’s progress to the finals. In the 2018 tournament, Mbappe played 7 games and recorded 4 goals and 1 assist, but this World Cup is recording 5 goals and 2 assists in 6 games. They are tied for the lead with Messi in goals, and are closely following Messi in assists.

The results are similar, but now they have a much bigger presence than they did four years ago. Mbappe made his name known in earnest by scoring two goals in a row when the match was 2-2 against Argentina in the round of 16 of the last tournament. Having won the Young Player Award at the World Cup in Russia as a rookie to watch, he did not stop at his flashy performances and solidified his position as the next-generation emperor of the world soccer world. 토토사이트

In the 2018-19 season, he scored 33 points in French Ligue 1 and took the top scorer, and after that, he scored the most goals for 4 consecutive seasons and bombarded. Last season, with 17 assists in League 1, he won the title of helper and became a more terrifying player. Unlike four years ago, now everyone knows Mbappe well.

Mbappe’s power comes from its terrifying speed. In this competition, he boasted a top speed of 35.3 km per hour, and once Mbappe kicked the ball and ran, few players could stop Mbappe. It is difficult for the opposing team to block him, as he overpowers speed in a wide space and succeeds in cleverly escaping the pressure in a narrow space. He was a scary player four years ago, but now Mbappe has become a player who must be blocked as the first priority.

Having tasted the victory in the previous tournament, and reaching the finals again this time, his confidence skyrocketed. If Mbappe, who has been building a solo system since Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo (37, Portugal), who divided the soccer world, wins again this time, it will truly open the ‘Mbappe era’.

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