‘A Korean player playing in Korea… ‘ The identity of the special guests who visited Gocheok Dome

‘Special guests’ came to Gocheok Sky Dome.

17 employees of the Panama Embassy in Korea visited Gocheok to watch the KIA Tigers-Kiwoom Heroes match on the 15th. It was to support Ariel Hurado, a local player who started as a starting pitcher for Kiwoom that day. 바카라사이트

After coming to Korea, Panama embassy staff formed a relationship in the process of handling administrative tasks such as visa issuance in Lado. The embassy staff, who were very happy with the news that a player from Panama, who is so popular that baseball is called the national sport, will play in the KBO League, congratulated and welcomed him, and promised to cheer on the field in time for the pitching day. On the 4th, Hurado’s debut game against the Gocheok LG Twins, not only the embassy staff but also Atanasio Cosmas Shipaki, the Panama Ambassador, were seated.

Holio Gudrich, an employee of the Embassy of Panama, said, “As a Panamanian citizen, I am grateful to Kiwoom for recruiting Furado. It is an honor and thrill for a Panamanian player to play in Korea. Furado played a good role in enabling Kiwoom to win this year. I wish,” he said. Another embassy official, Sergio López, said, “I want to tell Hurado not to be lonely and to cheer up. I hope you know that many Panamanians are cheering for you.”

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