A hot start for shortstops in offense and defense, the 23 year GG competition is getting hotter

Shortstop Park Seong-han (25) is off to a hot start in his third full-time season. The 2023 Golden Glove competition is also getting hotter.

Park Sung-han, who played his first full-time season in 135 games in the 2021 season, recorded a batting average of 0.298 / 147 hits / 68 runs / 56 RBI / 12 stolen bases / 0.375 on-base percentage / 0.374 slugging percentage in 140 games last year, recording his best batting performance since his debut. did.

In addition, Park Seong-han showed further growth in defense, and based on the harmony of stable offense and defense, he ranked second in the final shortstop vote for the 2022 Golden Gloves.

The start of this season is better. Park Seong-han recorded hits in all three games, showing a hot start with a batting average of 0.500 / 1 home run / 3 RBIs / 1 stolen base / 2 walks. In the opening game on the 1st, he posted a final hit and a wedge, and in the following two games, he scored with multiple on-base.

It is also encouraging that nearly half of the five hits recorded by Park Seong-han this season are long hits, and he has already scored one home run and one double. In the KIA game on the 2nd, it was a course that could have been a double or triple hit if the ball caught by Kim Ho-ryeong’s super catch was missed. Considering that, it is Park Seong-han who has significantly increased his long hitting power. If Sung-Han Park, who is an alternate hitter who only hit 6 homers in 2 full-time seasons, can record more extra-base hits, his value can go up.

The fact that the number of long hits has increased can also be interpreted as the fact that the results of Seong-Han Park’s hitting now have a lot of hit balls that hit well. In the end, if a home run or a long hit is also the result of a good hit, it means that Park’s concentration in the early stages is just as good. 토토사이트

It is Park Seong-han who has a more solid impression, both in his expression and in the way he plays the game. In fact, until the first half of last year, Park Sung-han recorded a high batting average of 0.332 and was very close to the Golden Glove. However, as his batting average dropped to 0.246 in 57 games in the second half, Oh Ji-hwan (LG), who scored 20 (home run) -20 (steal base) in the Golden Glove vote, failed to win his first award in his career. For this reason, it is Park Seong-han who promised to improve even more for the sluggishness in the second half even after spending the best season of his life.

As an individual Park Seong-han, there are reasons to be more diligent. Park Seong-han, who is considered a candidate for the next-generation national team shortstop, unfortunately did not make it to the World Baseball Classic national team. But his chances remain.

If he continues to show good form in the KBO League as a member of SSG this season, Park Seong-han is the first candidate for shortstop to take part in the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou in September. With the one-year postponement of the event, the age limit was also increased by one year to 25 years old, so there is plenty of possibility.

As for the shortstop composition of the KBO League this season, there is a high possibility that Oh Ji-hwan and Park Seong-han will face each other at present, unless there is an additional player who stands out. And that fierce competition is expected to lead to the final Golden Glove award.

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