A ‘death struggle’ with the stopped waterfall… Gugok Waterfall Ice Climbing ‘Peak’

Winter is reaching its peak.

There are sports that can only be enjoyed at times like these.

It’s ice climbing.

Reporter Kim Moon-young visited the thrilling scene of climbing a frozen waterfall tens of meters high.


A valley created by snow-covered strangely shaped rocks spreading out like a folding screen.

Even time seems to have frozen in the bitter cold. The waterfall stopped after turning nine bends.

The height of the ice wall is 60 meters.

It is 1 m thick.

I take one or two steps toward the top of the ice wall that looks far away.

Break the ice with a bow-shaped hammer and brace yourself with sharp-edged shoes.

Broken pieces of ice roll down momentarily.

Man’s desperate struggle to challenge the mysteries of nature.

Even those who watch it make their hands sweat. 메이저놀이터

[Soundbite] Lee Yun-ho(Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do) : “The spirit of sports is amazing, it transcends human limits, so it gave me a deep new feeling.”]

Gugok Falls is open to climbers for only two months out of the twelve months of the year, in midwinter.

Reservations are lined up from all over the country for special moments presented by nature.

Only 10 teams and 40 people can climb per day.

[Soundbite] Kim Deuk-yeon(Graduate of Seoul Climbing School) : “The feeling of climbing the vertical has a special taste that is different from ordinary leisure activities. I enjoy the sense of fear and thrill…”

Climbing experts deployed in case of emergency.

Check the ice regularly to see if it is properly frozen and if the line is not tangled while climbing.

[Soundbite] Won Jong-moon(Chuncheon-si Mountain Rescue Team) : “Leaders (who climb first) are particularly vulnerable to falling ice. I hope they will be able to climb while being considerate of each other.

” Chuncheon Gugok Waterfall Ice Climbing.

This winter, you can only enjoy it until the end of next month (February).

This is KBS News Kim Moon-young.

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