“99% of starting midfielders in the opening game” Lee Seong-gyu captivated coach Park Jin-man’s heart with two lake fees

Lee Seong-gyu (Samsung outfielder), who is leading the home run and RBI in the demonstration game, is expected to get a chance to start the opening game. 

Lee Seong-gyu, who completely turned into an outfielder this year, is in charge of center fielder in place of Kim Hyeon-jun, who was out of the team due to a hip bone fracture. As of the 26th, he is leading the field with a high batting average of 3.45 li (10 hits in 29 bats) as well as 5 homers and 11 RBIs. From the manager’s point of view, there is no reason not to use such excellent players. 

Coach Park Jin-man, who met with reporters ahead of the Daegu Hanwha match on the 27th, said, “Tomorrow (28th) is the last game of the exhibition game, but the outline will come out after today’s game” regarding the composition of the opening entry. 

The center fielder for the opening game belongs to Lee Seong-gyu. Manager Park Jin-man said, “There is a 99% chance that Seong-gyu Lee will go out. I have always said that a player in the best condition should go to the game, and he is the best player in our team right now.”

Although coach Park Jin-man puts competition first, his trust in Lee Seong-gyu seemed firm. 

Lee Seong-gyu, who started as center fielder number 6 on the day, not only achieved multi-hits, but also performed impressively in defense. He could be considered a professional outfielder. 

Hanwha’s attack in the 3rd inning against 1-1. Choi Jae-hoon, who started as the lead batter, pulled the 5th ball from Samsung starter Baek Jung-hyun and the ball count 2B-2S and hit the ball through the middle left. Anyone can see the double course. Center fielder Lee Seong-gyu chased the ball with all his might and quickly threw it to second base. Choi Jae-hoon tagged out at second base. 

SPOTV commentator Seong-Woo Lee, who was in charge of commentating the match, said, “Choi Jae-Hoon played well, so I can’t help but praise Lee Seong-Gyu.”  토토사이트

Lee Seong-gyu showed off his luxury defense again in the 7th episode. He hit the fence and caught Park Jung-hyun’s big batted ball as the lead batter. The expression of Park Jung-hyun, who was deprived of a hit (?), looked full of regret.

Commentator Lee Seong-woo commented favorably, “The mouth is really wide open. If Lee Seong-gyu is helpful in defense, he will be able to take on the leadoff that coach Park Jin-man thinks.” 

Lee Seong-gyu himself proved that coach Park Jin-man, who said, “There is a 99% chance that Lee Seong-gyu will play as center fielder in the opening game,” was not mistaken.

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