$90 million for both… Can the Mets handle Verlander and Scherzer?

I spent an astronomical amount of money, but the results are not good. You will have to give up sunk costs and take care of the minimum profit, but even that is not easy.온라인카지노

The total annual salary (payroll) of the New York Mets this season reaches 350 million dollars (approximately 446.6 billion won). Even compared to the second place New York Yankees ($280 million), the gap is large. It is the team that spends the overwhelming amount of money among the 30 clubs. However, with 46 wins and 53 losses, the win rate is less than 50%. There is a difference of 18.5 games with Atlanta, which is ranked first in the district. Even if they try to win a wild card, they have to overcome a 7-game gap. To put it bluntly, the possibility of fall baseball is slim.

The Mets acquired free agent right-hander Justin Verlander for two years and $86 million ahead of this season. The year before that, they acquired Max Scherzer for three years and $130 million. The best right-handers from Cy Young Young packed a one-two punch. However, results were not as overwhelming as expected. This season, Verlander is 4-5 with an ERA of 3.47, and Scherzer is 8-4 with an ERA of 4.20.

MLB.com reported that the Mets are trying to become sellers in the trade market after the loss against Boston on the 23rd. In fact, it was decided that it would be difficult to advance to fall baseball.

Verlander and Scherzer are the biggest sellers, but both have the right to veto trades with former clubs. San Francisco and others show interest in them, but if the players refuse, a trade is impossible. MLB.com predicted that if they were to be traded, the Mets would have to pay half of their remaining annual salary, and even then, the possibility of doing so would not be high. Verlander gets $43.3 million next year. Scherzer is also guaranteed a salary of $43.3 million next year if he does not opt ​​out.

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