8th seed Lakers vs. 1st seed Denver PO 1st round clash?…Season record 2 wins 2 losses ‘hogak’

Will the Los Angeles Lakers really make a difference in the playoffs?

The Lakers are currently 8th in the Western Conference. After the regular season ends like this, we will go to the play-in tournament. If the 8th seed is confirmed here, the 1st seed will have a playoff round 1 series with the influential Denver Nuggets.

The Lakers are hoping to clash with Denver.

This is because they met Denver 4 times this season and achieved 2 wins and 2 losses. The Lakers have 2 wins at home and 2 losses on the road.

However, the Lakers now are completely different from the beginning and middle of the season. No Russell Westbrook, no Patrick Beverly. After Rui Hachimura and D’Angelo Russell joined, the Lakers changed 180 degrees.바카라사이트

Here, LeBron James is coming back from injury and Anthony Davis is exploding.

This is why the Lakers can cause a cataclysm in the playoffs.

Even as Denver, facing the Lakers in the first round is burdensome. This is because it is not easy to beat the Lakers, where James, who has gone through all the ‘pre-natal battles’, is present.

Indeed, attention is paid to whether the Lakers vs. Denver will clash in the first round of the playoffs.

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