81% of golfers are negative about golf ball distance regulations

A survey result showed that 81% of general golfers felt negatively about the plan to reduce the golf ball distance limit recently announced by the two golf organizations.

Golf Digest introduced the online version on the 31st of last month (Korean time), citing the results of an online survey conducted by TaylorMade, a product company, on 45,000 golfers.

The United States Golf Association (USGA) and the British Royal Golf Association (R&A) released an annual distance report on the 21st of last month, 3 A year later, from 2026, the revised Model Local Rules (MLR) were announced.

Looking at the key contents of the MLR, which is scheduled to receive feedback by August 14, the performance of the ball is the test speed of the swing robot at a head speed of 127 mph (miles per hour: 204.4 km per hour), a launch angle of 11 degrees, and a spin of 37 per second. When hit with rotation (2220 rpm), the flight distance should not exceed the maximum of 320 yards, including a 3-yard error.

Until now, the standard head speed of the official ball was 120 mph, the launch angle was 10 degrees, the amount of spin was 42 revolutions per second (2520 rpm), and the distance including error was within 320 yards, but this applies unchanged to amateur golfers.

In this survey, 48% of general golfers said, “You should play with the same equipment used by professional golfers,” and 83% answered that the ball should be the same as that used by professional golfers. On the other hand, in a survey conducted by the USGA and the R&A, 60% of respondents said that ‘recreational golf and professional golf are as different as two other sports’, in contrast. David Abels TaylorMade Golf Chairman and CEO (CEO

) ) said in a statement after publishing the survey results, “The goal of this survey is to hear from golfers on their golf equipment offerings while absorbing MLR and its potential impact on the everyday golfer.” . This is the second position of the product company following the announcement of the golf equipment’s action and Titleist’s official opposition. 메이저사이트

USGA CEO Mike Wan spoke at a meeting with golf industry insiders after the MLR announcement last week. He said, “The distance has continuously increased and will continue to increase. Therefore, many people will object to our regulations and will face criticism.”

Looking at the distance reports of the two organizations, the percentage of PGA tour players who currently exceed 320 yards with a driver shot reaches 19.8%. In 2003, when the distance investigation began, it was 7.77%, but it nearly tripled in 19 years.

According to last year’s tour data, the average head speed of long hitters was 127.5 mph, about 1% of the average distance. On the other hand, if you look at the data of the average PGA Tour player, the head speed is 114.6 mph, the launch angle is 10.3 degrees, the spin is 2597 rpm, the ball speed is 171.9 mph, and the average distance is 299.8 yards. This is an increase of 13.9 yards in 19 years.

Research firm Golf Datatech said it received a negative response from 52 percent of golf players surveyed regarding the actions of the two organizations.

A total of 44,517 people took part in TaylorMade’s survey, of which 75% were from North America. More than half of the respondents said they had more than 20 years of experience. The feedback period affecting the decisions of the two organizations will run until mid-August. Responses may vary depending on the form and logical structure of the question.

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