4 years ‘7 wins’ Fujinami Oakland 1 year contract, 4 years KBO League ’53 wins’ Luchinski and competing for selection

A pitcher who has won 7 wins in the last 4 years is on the verge of advancing to the major leagues. Hanshin Tigers right-hander Shintaro Fujinami (29) has agreed to a one-year contract with the Oakland Athletics. If you pass the medical check, you will wear an Oakland uniform. At the end of last year, I asked the club to challenge the major leagues through the posting system, and my dream came true.

As a Japanese player, this is the third major league trip this offseason, following Senga Godai (30, New York Mets) and Yoshida Masataka (29, Boston Red Sox). Contract terms vary greatly. Yoshida signed for five years and $90 million, and Senga signed for five years and $75 million.

The one-year contract contains Fujinami’s current status. He hasn’t been as good as Senga and Yoshida in recent years. Starting in 2013, his first year as a professional, it went downhill after winning double digits for three consecutive years. He has only won 7 (14 losses) in his last 4 years. He appeared in 16 games (10 starts) last season, going 3-5 with a 3.38 earned run average.

At one time, he was so promising that he was called a rival of Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels). He drew a lot of attention early on. Expectations were high that he would become a player representing Japan. However, he suddenly fell into hunting and never recovered. Even though he threw a fastball at 160 km/h, he struggled with his first pitch. There have been times when his private life has been an issue.메이저놀이터

Oakland, which recorded 102 losses last year, finished last in the American League West. We are preparing for a revamp this season.

NC Dinos ace Drew Luchinski (35) signed a contract with Oakland at the end of last year. He signed for two years and up to $8 million. Luchinski, who was considered the best pitcher in the KBO League, recorded 53 wins and 36 losses and an ERA of 3.06 in 121 games for four years until last year. He recently won double digits three years in a row, totaling 44 victories.

American media predicted that Luchinski and Fujinami would take on the 3rd, 4th or 4th, 5th picks while the 1st and 2nd picks were confirmed. Some media reported that the two players were the 5 starters.

Anticipating competition, Luchinski said he was one step ahead.

Oakland, which has a bad mound situation, is even planning to operate a 6th starting pitcher. It could be a boon for Fujinami, who is used to the 6th starting rotation in Nippon Professional Baseball.

Oakland and Ohtani’s team, the Los Angeles Angels, belong to the same district. If Fujinami gets a spot in the starting rotation, it could be a head-to-head showdown between the two players.

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