2025 Gangwon Provincial Sports Festival to be held in Samcheok

The 2025 Gangwon-do People’s Sports Festival will be held in Samcheok.

Samcheok City and the Samcheok City Sports Association recently announced that Samcheok was finally confirmed as the venue for the ’60th Gangwon Province Citizens’ Sports Festival’ by the decision of the board of directors of the Gangwon Province Sports Association.

The city added that it had applied for the Gangwon-do People’s Sports Festival in February and obtained such results through on-site inspections conducted this month.안전놀이터

This event is decided to host the Gangwon-do Disabled Sports Festival and the 2026 Gangwon-do Youth Sports Festival at the same time, and it is expected to have a great economic ripple effect throughout the region, including accommodations and restaurants.

The city plans to make efforts to expand and maintain sports facilities, such as building two types of athletics at Samcheok Sports Complex and building a swimming pool, by investing 3 billion won and municipal expenses before the competition.

The city successfully held the Gangwon-do Citizens’ Sports Festival last year and this year’s Gangwon-do Senior New Life Sports Festival, and was recognized in terms of infrastructure such as sports facilities as well as human resources such as volunteers.

Park Sang-soo, mayor of Samcheok, said, “As it will be held again after 18 years since 2007, we will use it as an opportunity to become the best sports city on the East Coast by focusing on expanding sports infrastructure and raising civic awareness.”

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