‘157km’ Eagle brothers, let’s fly higher!

hyun, who led Hanwha to the last place, Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun, started against KT Started 5 innings and 1 run . It has not been able to avoid the lowest place for all 3 years until 2011. Over the past three years, the winning rate was only 0.339 (141 wins, 17 draws, 274 losses). Numerous defeats were not in vain. It was because he was able to select the top prospect in the rookie draft. In 2022, when the last first nomination existed, and in 2023, when the full draft was revived, Hanwha picked a future that would be responsible for the mound for the next 10 years. Moon Dong-ju (20), the first nomination in 2022, and Kim Seo-hyun (19), the first overall in 2023.

Moon Dong-ju, who graduated from Jinheung High School in Gwangju, did not receive the 1st nomination of the related team KIA. KIA chose Kim Do-yeong (20), the best hitter, instead of Moon Dong-ju. In 2022, only the bottom 3 teams of the previous year were allowed to be nominated for the 1st round nationwide other than their home region, so Hanwha chose Moon Dong-ju without hesitation, who threw a fastball that exceeded 150 km per hour.

Kim Seo-hyun was nominated by Hanwha as the first overall in the full draft, which was revived with the abolition of the first nomination in 10 years after 2013. As Shim Jun-seok (Pittsburgh Pirates), who was considered the greatest high school pitcher along with Kim Seo-hyun, announced his advance to the major leagues, Hanwha did not have to worry.

Kim Seo-hyun, who is making his debut season with Mun Dong-ju, who is in his second year as a pro, is becoming a vital force for the Hanwha mound by throwing fastballs that exceed the speed of 155 km/h, a proprietary patent, from the bullpen and starters as expected by the team.

Above all, these ‘light speed duo’ led Hanwha to the last place in Daejeon KT match on the 7th. Moon Dong-ju started and pitched with 3 hits, 5 strikeouts, 3 walks and 1 run in 5 innings. Moon Dong-joo, who was the first Korean player in the KBO League to break 160 km per hour, also recorded 160 km with the ‘Trackman’ speed gun used by the Hanwha team. However, it was recorded as 157.7 km in the ‘Pitch Tracking System’ (PTS) of the KBO official statistics company. In the 6th inning, Kim Seo-hyun took the mound as a relief after Moon Dong-joo’s baton, striking out 2 and scoring no runs in 1 inning. Kim Seo-hyun’s top speed on Trackman was 157 km. Thanks to the performance of the two young guns, Hanwha won 6-2 and won 3 consecutive wins, with a season record of 9 wins, 1 draw and 18 losses (0.333 win rate), ahead of KT (8 wins, 2 draws and 17 losses, win rate 0.320), and finished last in 16 days. succeeded in메이저사이트

Moon Dong-ju, who has settled down as a starter this season, is more than expected. He pitched 27.2 innings in 5 games, averaging over 5 innings. 2 wins and 2 losses with an ERA of 2.28. He has yet to fill the required innings and is not listed in the earned run average rankings, but he is currently in the top 6 in the league. The on-base percentage per inning (WHIP) is also 0.98, less than 1, and the hit rate is only 0.181. Moon Dong-ju, who played 28.2 innings last year, did not exceed 30 innings, which is the qualification standard for rookie of the year, and maintains his candidate qualifications this season, raising expectations for the award.

Kim Seo-hyun, who is playing in the bullpen, has yet to record his first win, hold, or save in his debut, but his detailed indicators are very good. He walked 7 games and 8 innings, striking out 10 batters. He has some weakness in control, but is giving up only three walks. With a batting average of only 0.185, Seohyun Kim’s fastball and breaking ball are powerful.

There is a rosy future that Hanwha fans dream of. Moon Dong-ju is the ace of the starting lineup, and Kim Seo-hyun is the bullpen’s core finisher. If the current growth trend becomes even steeper, it may be realized within this season. If that happens, Hanwha will be able to fight for rankings in the middle ranks beyond the last place. Hanwha fans enjoy watching the growth of the two young guns rather than the team’s performance this season.

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