‘103 all 104’ Yoo Yoo-joo “Haneul unnie is the role model”

Yoo Hyo-ju is the ‘Smile Queen’. she has a beautiful smile He seems happier after winning seven years after his professional debut on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour last year. In an interview with Asia Economic Daily on the 10th, Hyo-joo wished, “I want to be remembered as a player who always plays brightly and happily on tour.” He continued, “It is important not to be stressed,” and smiled brightly, saying, “I want to play happy golf with my dad (Mr.

The beginning of effective stock was weak. He started playing golf when he was in his second year of middle school, a late age for playing. Hyo-joo confessed, “My father, who liked golf, agreed, but my mother objected, saying that arts and sports are difficult.” During his amateur days, he didn’t get good grades. His best result is 3rd place in the 2014 Sports Chosun Cup. He recalled, “When I hit 100, Lee So-young and Park So-hye and other national team standing players hit under par.”

Yoo Hyo-joo turned pro in 2015 and won the 13th round of the Kingsdale GC Jump (Part 3) Tour in September, and played on the Dream (Part 2) Tour in 2016. In the same year, he ranked 45th in the KLPGA Tour regular tour seed rankings final, and entered the first division stage the following year. In the first year of 2017, he maintained his seed by finishing third at the KB Financial Star Championship, a major tournament, but in 2018, due to poor performance, he went down to the Dream Tour, suffered for two years, and returned to the regular tour in 2021.

In 1997, his friends of the same age were on the rise while Yu-ju struggled. Lee So-young, Lee Da-yeon (6 wins), and Han Jin-sun (1 win) tasted the joy of winning. Yoo Hyo-joo achieved her first win at the Wemix Championship in October of last year. It is a valuable victory won after 104 tournaments in the first part tour. He recalled, “I was envious of my friends winning, but I was also motivated that I could do it too.” He continued, “It was my dream to win the championship ever since I started playing golf and when my dad came out as a caddy,” he said.

When Yoo Hyo-joo played on the Dream Tour in 2020, he contemplated quitting golf. He faced the biggest crisis as he overlapped with his shoulder injury. He said, “I heard a lot of people around me say that my expression was dark. It really hurt my heart.” It was at this time that meeting Kim Dae-won’s swing coach became the turning point. Coach Kim is the younger brother of Kim Ha-neul, who has won 14 wins in Korea and Japan. Hyo-joo said, “After correcting my swing with Daewon’s brother, my accuracy has improved remarkably.” “He is the best teacher for me.”

The iron shot is the main weapon. He has been using Mizuno irons for 10 years since he was in his second year of high school. Hyo-joo explained, “Compared to competitors’ irons, the accuracy and feel at impact are good” and “It seems to go well with Mizuno.” The clubs he is most confident with are the 8 (135m) and 9 (125m) irons. He said, “I am confident of making a birdie opportunity at this distance.” From the 6th to the 27th of last month, he did battery training in Vietnam with Kwak Bo-mi. Even after returning to Korea, he is sweating from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. He is improving his physical condition through various exercises such as shot and short game, weight training, and Pilates. 온라인카지노

Yoo Hyo-joo likes baseball. When things go wrong, he goes to the baseball field to relieve stress. He is a fan of SSG Landers signature pitcher Kim Gwang-hyun and outfielder Choi Ji-hoon. Hyo-joo said, “Last year, I intuited Game 5 of the Korean Series,” and “I think I go to watch baseball 5-6 times a year.” Hyo-joo threw the first pitch at the SSG-LG match held at Munhak Stadium in Incheon last July. The story of Hyo-joo throwing the first pitch without even winning a championship is interesting. Yoo-Joo Yoo, who received a yardage book case with the SSG logo as a gift from her ‘best friend’ Woo-ri Jeon, always uses it when playing in competitions. An SSG official saw this and contacted him, leading to the first pitch. Hyo-joo hit the jackpot, winning the championship three months after throwing the first pitch. “Golf and baseball are similar. You never know who will win. It’s a sport where you shouldn’t relax until the end. Watching baseball seems to help with mental management.”

Yoo Hyo-joo will join Doosan E&C, a new sponsor this year. He is determined to show a good figure by working hard. The role model for effectiveness is Kim Ha-neul. He said, “I learned a lot from watching closely. Haneul unnie is good at managing herself,” he said, “I want to follow that too. Unnie’s life itself is cool.” He also expressed his envy, saying, “Heaven’s sister’s irons are very four walls” and “It goes out a lot and is accurate.” Yoo Hyo-joo set a goal to win this year. He also revealed his desire to win major tournaments as well. He said, “I will try to be recognized as the best player in Korea,” and “I want to go abroad like my sister.”

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